The decision to homeschool your kids can feel extremely daunting and downright intimidating. But don't be afraid! Use these steps below to get on the fast track to homeschooling.

1. Get to know your homeschool state laws.

Below is a great resource from HSLDA to get educated on your state homeschool laws:

Homeschool Laws by State

2. Discover your child's learning style, and your preferred homeschooling method.

Read these two articles to find out more about learning and homeschool styles:

Discovering your Child's Learning Style

The Different Homeschool Methods

3. Choose your curriculum.

Choosing your child's learning style, and your preferred homeschooling method with the resources in step 2 will help you choose your desired curriculum. We also have a growing list of curriculums and a wonderful curriculum review website for 2022 that will help you stay up to date on new and evolving curriculum options.

Home Tribe's Growing List of Curriculum Choices

2022 Top 7 Curriculum Reviews

4. Find like-minded parents who will journey with you.

This is one of the MOST important aspects of homeschooling. Finding your tribe will enrich your family's life, and your local homeschool community will begin to flourish.

5. Celebrate Milestones and Achievements

What was your child's greatest academic achievement this year? Did your daughter spend a month on a work of art that she wants to present? Did your son write an eloquent essay that he wants to keep on display, or create a website all year that he finally wants to launch?

Celebrating milestones is a perfect way to look back on what both you and your children have achieved together throughout the year.

6. Keep what works, adjust what doesn't.

Sometimes our initial approach to homeschooling doesn't go the way we planned (especially in our first year or two). Don't be afraid to test out new homeschooling methods if your chosen method isn't the right fit. Sometimes curriculum starts out as a great option, and then fizzles out into an experience that isn't beneficial to you or your child.

Homeschooling is a journey and finding your rhythm happens in time! Don't hesitate to reach out to our experienced support team for any questions!

The Home Tribe Team

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