Are you ready to jump into sharing our mission as we reimagine education together at Home Tribe? We can't wait to meet you! Read all about how to become an Education Advocate at Home Tribe!

Who are Education Advocates at Home Tribe?

Education Advocates at Home Tribe are individuals who share a deep passion to assist families and educators on their unique journey to alternative education. Education Advocates believe in preserving education and freedom through our shared core values.

How do Education Advocates share our mission, products, and tools at Home Tribe?

Online: Education Advocates have access to a special share link and referral code to share recommended resources, services, and products at Home Tribe to families, educators, and other potential Education Advocates through and our Home Tribe app available soon for download in iOs and Android stores.

In Person: Home Tribe equips Education Advocates with marketing materials to gather families, educators, and other potential Education Advocates together at local events, meetups, park days etc. to share our mission to reimagine education together.

Physical and Digital Marketing materials include:

  • Access to commission dashboard with share link

  • Swag (Official embroidered T-shirt and tote)

  • Personalized Business Cards with custom QR Share code and referral code

  • Official Home Tribe Handbook

  • Access to PDF materials with unique QR code including pamphlets, event and meet up invitation cards, and a total of 4 Home Tribe signature presentation booklets

  • Sample curriculum kits showcasing a variety of curriculum and materials partners

  • Access to Digital Slide Decks

  • Retractable Event Sign with custom QR Code

  • Fitted Home Tribe table covering

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